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July 1, 2011

Giveaway - And the Winner Is.....

And this is a day for the giveaway! How sad that I was not able to include all that left a comment on my blog or all that just follow me into the list of participants (as usually all the giveaway rules have to be followed). But I can assure that this is the first but not the last giveaway on my blog! Just follow me ;)

So, here is the list of participants:
  1. Rita alias alatvian
  2. aureliaLT
  3. Vilma M
  4. Zivi
  5. Dawn Edwards
  6. Lucy
  7. Kirsten Elise Lund
  8. Inger Weidema
  9. Cynthia
  10. Aldona
And the winner is......

Cynthia, congratulations! Hope you like this little gift ;)

Huge thanks to all for my birthday greetings!
Huge thanks to all who follow my blog!
Huge thanks to all who shared!

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