VARious Things

February 16, 2013


Simple, minimalistic bracelet with small hand felted bead.
Purely my style. 
Love to make such kind of things.
Love to wear such kind of things.

February 4, 2013

Mountain Mama

My work was featured by Brandi Powell. Thanks!

As stated there:
"These felt fin­ger­less gloves by Vart look so cozy and soft. The fact that they are some­what mar­bled makes them even more ver­sa­tile. These would be the per­fect addi­tion to a win­ter wardrobe."

Don't forget to visit their shop on Etsy:

As well as the other shops presented in this blog post:
1. Racey­tay , 2. Vart (me), 3. Pigeon Toe Ceram­ics , 4. By Beep .