VARious Things

April 19, 2010

Monday Moodboard - Perfect Violets

Just some perfect violet impressions ....
Nuno Felt Wrap Skirt by AureliaLT
Beautiful and delicate earrings by LeelaBijou
Small box for jewels by Sybillinart

April 17, 2010

Treasury East

Etsy has launched a new type of treasury - Treasury East. This will change the treasury creation process, as here one can create as many treasuries as one wants, with no limits and no expiration. So here goes my selection - all the items are created by Etsy EuropeanStreetTeam members!

April 15, 2010

Just Nuno Felted Ruffle Shawl

Some words about my nuno felted ruffle shawl:
"... I was impressed with the couture quality look of the shawl and styling of the photography...."
Thanks to Morningbird collective for featuring!
To say the truth the photosession was a little bit extreme...
  • place - my balcony
  • weather temperature -about 10 degrees of Celsius
  • photocamera - on a tripod, connected to the computer
  • more than 40 shots without seeing the result (me - as a model)...
But it was worth it! I'm quite satisfied with the result: both felting and taking photos.

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April 12, 2010

Monday Moodboard - Spring

Something natural, something earthy, something green, something cosy, something just perfect - 
that's all I need for a beautiful spring day....
Very natural spring wreath by Kaleda
Super comfortable fingerless gloves by heiditheartist
 Practical and useful tissue pocket by btaylorquilts
Eco-chic shoes by TheGeneration

April 2, 2010

One Rainy Friday...

It was just one more rainy Friday in this cold spring season...
Rain rain rain...
She felt a little bit lonely and sad...
She searched for something that could brighten up her day – some flowers, some accessories, something special...
She searched for happiness...
 Search for those beautiful items that can give you at least a drop of happiness on Etsy: