VARious Things

July 19, 2012

Playing with light, make-up and hair color...


Some of my works were just featured here:
Huge thanks to Marta!

"This Lithuania based artist works with felt in a very particular way, she makes complements and jewels, I love the combination of colors she makes."

The author, Marta Sanchez, is a jeweller and gemmologist from Barcelona (Spain). Check her shop on Etsy:

July 2, 2012

Giveaway - And the Winner Is.....

So this is it - a day for the giveaway! But... It was not so easy to form the list of the participants as some of you shared the link on FB without leaving a comment here on my blog, some just wrote a comment here without mentioning if they have posted somewhere about my giveaway. So I apologize to all that were not included in my list - if it was my mistake drop me a personal message to vaida at vart dot lt and please remember that usually one has to follow at least the required giveaway rules. And... I promise to arrange another giveaway some day ;) Just follow my blog.

Here goes the list of the participants (listed in a random order):

  1. Eglė Gata
  2. Edita Kruvelienė
  3. Lina Kalytienė
  4. Jurgita Dabrilaitė
  5. Ugnė (Anonymous on this blog)
  6. Jurgita Jumi
  7. MADA
  8. Adriana
  9. Megan
  10. Eziukstis
And the winner is...... And the winner is... As tell us, the winner is:

Congratulations to Adriana!

Huge thanks to all for my birthday greetings!
Huge thanks to all who follow my blog!
Huge thanks to all who shared!

And if you ever wanted to purchase something from my shop of handmade on Etsy or my photo shop you are welcome to use 10 percent discount coupon code: TOTHELOYAL

Thanks again! Hope to see you in the next giveaway. Maybe this year ;)