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May 14, 2010

Friday / Penktadienis

Thanks to VaivaNat I've found this wonderful song.
Just watch it ;)

Only scissors and paper... Let's go create, friends!

And the weekend begins....

May 7, 2010

Sun Thirst: Continuation

Sometimes life is really interesting. Yesterday morning I've written about sun, about spring and about these beautiful sunny flowers - sunflowers. And... My Mother came to visit me in the evening. With a small gift. With a sunflower in a yellow flowerpot :)
Life is really interesting....

May 6, 2010

May Flowers: Sun Thirst

photo by me

So the month of May has begun. Together with a month long flower festival coordinated by artist Roxana Villa. Huge thanks to her for the invitation to participate! You can follow all the entries by various artists from the whole world here, at the Illuminated Perfume Journal.

Sunflowers... Maybe it is not the right flower for May. Maybe. Anyway, I've chosen it. Why? The main reason is this cold spring in Lithuania. Just too much rain, too many cloudy days, too much piercing wind and too little sunshine. Any person can feel thirsty for sun and warmth… And sunflower is the one that over the course of the day follow the sun from East to West.

So - sunflowers.... Some information about them:
"Sunflower plants are of the genus Helianthus, of the family Asteraceae, and are native to North and South America. They are an annual plant with availability year round, but the peak period of enjoyment is from June to October. The blossom is actually a composite of multiple flowers crowded together, with “ray florets” forming the outer petals that surround a large brown or yellow disc. Their thick, leafy and hairy stems often grow more than 4 feet in height, although dwarf varieties are available for ornamental gardens." (found here)

This flower is often used as a symbol of green ideology, as well it is the simbol of Vegan Society. This flower was the subject for many paintings, including one of the most famous still life paitings of Van Gogh.

It is said that sunflowers are the happiest of flowers, that they have the ability to provide energy in fhe form of nourishment and vibrance. It is bright, it is cheery, it is warm, it is just like a small sun and its petals are lilke bright yellow rays of sunshine, which evoke feelings of warmth and happiness.

So it is not surprising that people enjoy this flower - as a gift or as a source of inspiration. It sends us cheerfulness and sunny thoughts.

Just have a look and enjoy what forms of art can be expressed using this beautiful flower...
 Sunflower earrings by bunnylogic
Sunny felted slippers for a small child by me

 Sunflowers Field reprint by rebeccascreations
Handmade satin flowers for crafting by JujaCrafts

Sunflower inspired bolero by bonzie
 Sunflower pendant by donart

Sunflower fimo ring by fanoulala
Sunny contrast earrings by me