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December 12, 2014

SWAP: Early Christmas

SWAP, SWAP, SWAP.... Just couldn't resist this year and took participation in it - thanks to Daiva who organized all this! It's so fun to make gifts and it's so wonderful to receive them....
So, a few days ago, I've got a box.
 Quite heavy, really full of gifts!
 Something really sweet - Tahini dark milk chocolate, made in Lithuania.
 Very unusual card (love it!) and a letter... Calling me a "skilful fairy" (or "a fairy with golden hands" if translated word by word).
 A box with wonderful smell and beautiful angel:
 Let's see what the angels hides:
 Some home made tea (peppermint and lavender) for calm evenings (as if my Christmas elf knew that this is what I badly need at the moment....):
 A beautiful old cup filled with amazingly smelling wax:

 And one more thing - super tasty...

 Huge thanks to Karina!!! Couldn't expect a better gift!
To her words, Karina enjoys experimenting, trying, and dreaming. She loves strawberries on a grass stem, the smell of cinnamon, the beat of the sea, the breeze, the blinding whiteness of snow, reflections of sun, soap bubbles, freckles, story tales, eating with fingers, looking for new places and people, digging sand with her feet, jumping, doing stunts in her thoughts and so much more. Perfect words, the same I could tell about myself...
Karina's blog:
Her Etsy shop: GoodMoodNotes
Her Flickr: GoodMoodNotes on Flickr


  1. DOVANA :)
    labai labai žiemiška visom geriausiom prasmėm :)

    1. būtent, kad visom geriausiom prasmėm ;)

  2. mmmm.... koks puikus rinkinys ziemos vakarams:)

  3. net uzsimaniau sausainiu su arbata graziame puodelyje... itaigu :D

  4. Kai taip gražu ir kvapnu , laikas virti arbatą :)

  5. kaip žiemiška, kalėdiška ir jauku...

  6. Taip jautriai skanu ir labai šventiška :) O lavandos visada tinka, bet kuriuo metų laiku ;)