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December 9, 2014

Hedgehog Story

In 2012 me and my friend made a deal - to take at least one photo per day and to post it on-line... So, it was 366 days or 2012: My Version. Not easy at all as not all days can be suitable for taking photos - due to the mood, the weather, the conditions and similar things... 366 photos were born. Some of them are not worth to be shown now for sure, some of them were just for fun, but some of them are working for me - can you imagine that? As, for example, this cute small African hedgehog. Here goes his photo:

by the way, I do hate how the photo changes after uploading it to my blog - somehow it darkens a lot... HERE you can find the original version, much better, to my opinion.
This small woodland creature found his place in people hearts for sure. And he looks good on the cup, don't you think so?

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