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May 4, 2015


Let's meet Kristina and her spring feelings. Kristina is an entrepreneur, photographer and a crafter. She loves colors, they are her main inspiration and creative fuel and you can easily see this in her beautiful shop on Etsy CupofColor

"Oh Spring... I just love how nature is waking up after the cold and bare winter. Everything seems to be more alive and joyful. Birds are singing, grass is getting greener each day and days are getting longer and longer. Spring also brings so much joy for the color lovers, all of the blooming flowers and budding leaves. Last year while photographing in nature I took this picture which since has become my color palette of Spring. It's a picture of a bush branch with vibrant green buds on a brownish background. Soon after taking this picture I realized these colors are the most common ones in this season, brown bark and green buds and leafs."

So here is her Spring palette with four lovely colors (RGB color codes included) and some beautiful items that compliment these colors and are great choices for this season. 

spring color gift guide

Crocheted lace scarf in forest green by IvetaStasiulioniene

Organic eco-friendly bird rattles by manzanitakids

Personalized guest book covered with natural linen decorated with cross stitch picture by RedPin

Unisex baby shoes made from pure wool in fresh green by FeltStudioVART

Green stud earrings by CupofColor

Camel Oversize Sweater by BVLifeStyle

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