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April 1, 2013

Grey Labyrinth

Get lost in more mazes of folded fabrics, books, ceramics, and silver, all in subtle shades of grey.
as moods & appetites tell us:
• For her Wound Collection, Marit Fujiwara took old books and magazines, twisted by being exposed to the elements, and transformed them into dresses that look like they’re made of pearly-grey, delicately folded silk.
• Bronia Sawyer’s Book Birds have feathers made of tightly-rolled old books.
• Jun Mitani is a computer engineer who also creates origami, like this Rosette that appears to be spinning in perfect symmetry.
• Wendy Edsall-Kerwin’s Cuff is oxidized silver folded into a leaf-like shape.
• Carol Barclay’s Porcelain Bowl has a pearly-white glaze and wavy rim reminiscent of a sea shell.
• Susanne Hu’s Bag looks like an origami boat made from soft folds of charcoal fabric.
• Anita Leechor’s Earrings are lightweight and playful origami balls dangling from silver chains.
• Anita Feng’s Raku Sculpture recreates the dynamic power of a tsunami wave.
• Manuela’s Bangle is made of grey or black bookbinding paper, folded into a geometric pattern of interlocking squares.
• Vaida’s Shawl is hand-felted into dramatic, charcoal grey ruffles that envelop your shoulders.
• Sandra Zacharia’s Earrings are spirals of sterling silver that are burnished and hammered to give them a worn look.

My shawl - the other look

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