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January 7, 2011

More Arm Warmers and.... Stylish Blogger Award

Some more arm warmers: this time - warm, cozy, soft -G- version. And the earrings. With real vintage buttons that were found among my grandmother's "treasuries" :)

I have to tell that I had a huge surprise several days ago - I have been given the Stylish Blogger Award by Sandra Rosa, aka azuleterra!
Thank you sooooo much, Sandra! I love your work - absolutely! (You can check beautiful Sandra's jewelry and pottery at her Etsy shop )

The Stylish Blogger Award is passed from one blogger to another. It works just like this - you have to:
  • thank and link back to the person who awarded you;
  • share seven things about yourself;
  • pass this award to other 15 blogs you like;
  • contact these persons about the award.

So.... Seven things about myself...

  1. I love diversity. In everything. Even my education is quite a strange mix :)
  2. I don't know what is boredom, tedium or however you call this strange feeling.
  3. Felting is my passion and this passion grows constantly...
  4. I must confess - I have too much passions, and felting is not the only one :)
  5. I try to live slow. As much as I can.
  6. Neutral, earthy, natural colors are my favorites.
  7. And I'm definitely not a writer :)
And here are some very stylish blogs I love:


    1. oh this is so sweet of you - and to be with such glorious nicies, too! i'm honoured.

      thansk for making wonderful things, and spreading loveliness!

      be well
      k. @ rikrak

    2. Thanks a lot Vaida - I am really honoured!

    3. Dear Vaida, your work is fantastic, it's a pleasure to visit you and follow your blog :)
      Thank you :)

    4. Thank you, Judit, thank you, Sandra!

    5. thanks again sweetie! i finally posted about your generosity here!

    6. Thanks Vaida for your sweet comments on my recent blog. Special thank you for referring me to Vilte's nuno felt workshop in Holland. It's really fantasic and amazing. She's a great felter. I enjoyed the class and will do some practice. I bought her book and noted your nice works on it too.